Aluminum Steel Look Windows & Swing Doors

Exchanging old steel windows and doors with a sleek, contemporary replacement

Part of the appeal of many vintage buildings can be attributed to traditional, robust-looking steel windows and doors. They add a solidity and grandeur that’s hard to replace. Yet for many, the aesthetics of old-fashioned windows and doors barely compensates for their poor performance.

Thankfully, luck is at hand. Barema has enhanced one of its key ranges to now have the look and feel of traditional steel-framed windows and doors, but with the high-performance and reliability of a contemporary system.

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Our Windows ENLARGE


Profile option

Barema uses high quality European profiles for every product we make.

Glass option

You can choose between double, triple or obscure glasing.

Opening kinds

Available opening options for these windows: Tilt & Turn; Tilt; Turn

Element shapes

These windows are available in rectangular, trapeze, circle, arch and other shapes.


Barema offers a wide range of handles designed by well known manufacturers.

Finishes & Colors

We have plenty of available colors, textures or patterns for your windows.